Hoover Air Cleaners & Filtration Services

Add an air filtration system to your home for a breath of fresh air!

Does the air in your home feel stuffy? Air cleaners and filtration systems can put an end to any muggy indoor environment. Call Infinity Air Solutions in Hoover, AL for professional air cleaning services by a licensed and insured HVAC company. Our air cleaners, filtration systems, and UV air sanitizers come to us from trusted manufacturers and are of the highest quality.

Infinity Air Solutions provides expert solutions to your poor indoor air quality. There is no excuse for living inside a polluted environment. Call us today, and one of our air quality professionals will be happy to help you find the right air cleaner for your home.

All of our HVAC technicians are state-certified to bring you quality air filtration installations. For your convenience, we offer 24-hour emergency service and transparent pricing.

Is your AC system’s ductwork allowing proper air distribution? If not, call now for air duct repair service.

Hoover Air Filtration & Cleaning Services

Daily exposure to indoor pollution can put your health at risk. Consider adding an air cleaner or filtration system to your home. UV air sanitizers deliver healthier, cleaner air by using UV light technology.

At Infinity Air Solutions, we have joined leading air cleaning manufacturers to bring you the highest level of air filtration systems possible.

The most common air cleaning systems installed are whole-house or AC air filtration, and portable air cleaners or air purifiers or air sanitizers. Whole-house filtration removes pollutants from the air in your home by using specialized filters. These compact units require an electrical outlet to run on electricity. Some may use UV light to kill allergens passing through.

Call  Infinity Air Solutions to speak with an air purifier expert about adding an air cleaner to your HVAC system. We will be glad to help you find the perfect air purifier for your needs.

Did you know that moisture from a humidifier can relieve dry nasal passages? It’s true!

How UV Air Sanitizers Clean the Air

UV-C light air sanitizers have been used for decades and have proven to eliminate up to 99.9% of harmful pathogens, such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses. They destroy airborne microorganisms utilizing UV-C light.

Other noteworthy benefits of UV sanitizers include:

  • Sanitizes without harsh chemicals
  • Kills microorganism growth
  • Destroys allergens
  • Removes harmful bacteria & viruses

Today, many hospitals use UV air sanitizers to purify rooms, medical tools, and more. Call Infinity Air Solutions to learn more about our air cleaners, air filtration, and UV air sanitizers.

Infinity Air Solutions in Hoover, AL, offers quality UV air sanitizers and whole-house air cleaners and UV filtration systems. Call 205-243-4775 for air quality solutions, 24-hour emergency service, and honest prices.