Commercial HVAC Company in Hoover

For reliable commercial HVAC services, call our HVAC team in Hoover!

If you are looking for a reputable commercial HVAC company in Hoover, AL, you’ve found it! We are a family-owned HVAC service contractor in business for more than ten years. We offer premium industrial heating and cooling services, with top-of-the-line commercial HVAC installations and repairs that our customers appreciate. No other commercial AC company in Hoover has more satisfied customers than Infinity Air Solutions.

Call us today to discuss heating and cooling solutions for your place of business. We offer state-certified technicians, quality products, straightforward prices, and prompt, 24-hour emergency service so you never have to wait.

If commercial refrigeration is what you need, we offer freezers, ice-makers, and walk-in coolers.

Trusted Commercial HVAC Installation

Industrial HVAC system installers require a different skill set from the standard residential installers. Because they are meant to produce conditioned air for large spaces, these devices are compartmentalized differently from residential systems.

These specific demands can only be met by a commercial HVAC company that understands these challenges, and who has experience with the demands of industrial installation. The team at Infinity Air Solutions understands the complexities of commercial HVAC systems. They have the experience to do the job right.

We offer industrial HVAC installation and repair, commercial air conditioner repair, commercial furnace services, industrial heater repairs, and more to ensure your commercial establishment stays up and running without any interruption.

Industrial Air Conditioning Repair

When the air conditioner breaks down in a place of business, there is more at stake than meets the eye. Your clientele will feel uncomfortable inside when they walk in, and they will leave quickly, resulting in a loss of profit.

Call Infinity Air Solutions for fast commercial AC repairs. We’ll have your unit up and running in no time. We are a licensed and insured HVAC company specially trained to work on industrial-size, commercial-grade systems. Our 24-hour emergency team is always available, so you never have to wait for service. We commute about town in well-stocked vehicles, so we can repair your system on the spot. Your commercial AC will be repaired in minutes, so your business can continue to thrive.

Residential water heater service in Hoover, AL is now just a phone call away!

Hoover Commercial Heating Specialists

As a successful business owner, you want your establishment to be a comfortable place for your customers to shop. If the heater or furnace in your establishment doesn’t produce heat, makes noises and frequently needs repairs, you might consider getting a new heating system.

Infinity Air Solutions offers fast, high-quality commercial heating installation and repair. We will arrive at your home quickly to check your current heating unit and to evaluate the issue. If we find that you need a new heating system, we will advise you of your options available. Our heater installations are always code-compliant to ensure your comfort and safety.

Call Infinity Air Solutions in Hoover, AL at 205-243-4775 for commercial HVAC installations and repairs, industrial heater service by experts, with 24-hour emergency service and honest, straightforward pricing.