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How Dirty Heating & Air Conditioning Filters Could Impact Your Home

Why Dirty Air Filters are Problematic

Making sure you have clean air to breathe in your home is essential for many reasons; the most significant being your health. When you breathe dirty air that is filled with dust, mold spores, and allergens, you expose your lungs to toxins.

While you may not notice a difference right away, you could very well be introducing allergens into your lungs that will cause breathing problems later on. When you have clean air in your home, you’ll feel better, sleep better, and notice an improvement in your daily health.

Though some people will try and save money by cleaning disposable air filters instead of replacing them, this trick often causes more problems than solutions. Air filters were meant to be changed and, when used properly, will provide maximum clean air benefits. This article will discuss the science behind air filters.

Dirty Air Causes Health Issues

health issuesAir filters sift through the air you breathe and clean it of mold, dust, spores, and other allergy-causing material. When the air in your home circulates through your HVAC system, all the air passes through your filter.

During this process, dirty air flows through one side, the filter traps particles of mold and dirt, and clean air comes out the other side. If your air filter becomes clogged and full of dust, it will not only slow the effectiveness of your HVAC system, but it will stop cleaning your air as effectively.

Microscopic allergens can be released back into the air because your filter can’t do its job. When this occurs, you are more likely to experience an increase in allergy symptoms, frequent illness, and more difficulty breathing for those with chronic conditions such as asthma.

Why DIY Cleaning Might Not be The Best Option

In this day of DIY everything, many people decide and try to clean their disposable air filters instead of replacing them. While this may sound like an excellent money-saving strategy, cleaning air filters is a terrible idea. Why? Disposable air filters were never meant to be used more than once. Like any single-use product, they are only meant to handle one job, one time.

cleaning air filters

In the case of air filters, even if you try to clean it and reuse it, the air quality in your home will go down. In many cases, this is because the cleaning doesn’t actually remove the impurities that are already in the filter. This means that your newly “cleaned” air filter is still relatively clogged, causing it to fail when attracting other impurities. For maximum air quality, you need fresh filters every time.

Giving Yourself an Air Quality Upgrade

air quality upgradeThe air filters in your HVAC unit are one of the most critical pieces of your air quality. If you struggle with breathing issues or deal with seasonal allergies, investing in an upgraded air filter is essential for your health and wellbeing.

Be sure to read labels carefully and purchase a complete filter that is rated to purify your air thoroughly. A substandard air filter might get some of your air clean, but only the best rated will remove dust, mold, and allergens from the air you breathe.

The better your filter, the better the air in your house. Also, as a homeowner, it’s essential to be honest with yourself. While there may be a cheaper filter out there if your family is susceptible to respiratory issues or you have tons of pets in the home, getting the right filter and paying a bit more is the best way to keep everyone healthy and happy.

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