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The Best Tips to Make Your Family Heating and Cooling More Efficient

Family Heating and Cooling Tips for a More Efficient Home

Summer and winter are definitely the peak times of the year for energy bills increasing. What if you could make this year different? Just because it’s 90 degrees outside doesn’t mean your air conditioner needs to be running on high. There are ways to keep your house cool without the extra work from your HVAC system.

All the experts have great tips for keeping an efficient home, but now they are sharing some of their tricks with you. Once you learn them you will probably wonder why you hadn’t thought of it sooner! These air conditioning maintenance tips are easy to do and will save you money. Continue reading to learn all about them!

Add More Insulation

If you are wondering why your HVAC system never seems to be turning off, check on your home insulation. If it has been 15 years or more, chances are you could use some new insulation. You want to look for placement as well though, there aren’t many places in your home that you can’t insulate.

increase insulationThe key spots to insulate are:
  • All ceilings
  • All walls
  • All floors
  • Loft or attic area
  • Vented crawl spaces

Insulating all of these areas within your home will significantly reduce heat loss in the winter, and with a ventilated attic you will have no problem getting that heat out in the summer.

When you look over your insulation you also want to make sure there aren’t any cracks in the seams of the walls or ceilings. Cracks will let the air out as well and sometimes insulation on its own isn’t enough. You may have to invest in some caulk to patch up cracks.

Curtains Are for More Than Just Looks

Installing screens and drawing the curtains on a beautiful summer day may not seem ideal for some of you, but it is the most efficient way to keep the hot air out during the summer. You can have a couple of windows free to let the sun in on those beautiful days, but keeping the others covered up will help regulate the air within your home. Curtains and screens are also great for keeping the cold air out on a rainy day and in the winter too.

use curtains

Windows allow for a lot of airflow in and out, whether they are closed or not, so installing blackout curtains and screens will give you an upper hand. To take it one step further, installing black curtains specifically for the winter will allow for the most air efficiency because the black color will absorb all the sunlight and wrap your home in heat.

Ceiling Fans Are Good for All Seasons

use house fansCeiling fans are always good for air circulation in your home and keeping the air quality clean, but you can use your fans to lower your energy bill as well. That’s right, keeping your fans on all year can actually help lower the energy bill!

That’s because it takes less energy to run the ceiling fans than it does to have your HVAC system running. You have to be sure the fan is going a certain way though, or you won’t be doing yourself much good when it comes to avoiding common HVAC problems.

Winter: In the winter you will want your fan to spin clockwise. When the fan is spinning in this direction it will bring up all the cool air from the room and push the warm air up and out toward the ceiling and walls.

Summer: The summertime is just the opposite. You will want your ceiling fan spinning counter-clockwise in the summer because it will blow all the room air down and toward you to keep you cooler longer.

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