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AC Replacement in Hoover, AL

Quickly & Easily Install Your New Air Conditioning Unit

When Hoover residents need a new AC installation, they turn to Infinity Air Solutions Inc. We are a family-owned and operated air conditioning contractor with 30 years of experience.

We carry name brand systems, including Trane, so you can be sure you are getting the best product for your money. In addition, we have affordable maintenance plans guaranteed to keep your new AC unit running smoothly for many years to come.

Call (205) 291-4869 or contact us online to schedule an appointment for code-compliant AC replacement in Hoover.

Should Your Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

When your AC system breaks down, you may wonder whether to repair it or replace it with a new one. Like most things mechanical, knowing the right time to replace your air conditioner is far from an exact science, but there are a few typical signs that make it apparent. The trick is to replace your air conditioner before it starts to cost you more than it should.

It is usually best to replace your air conditioner if one or more of the following is true:

  • Your AC is more than 15 years old
  • Your system requires frequent AC repair
  • The cost to repair your unit is greater than the price of a new one
  • Your AC lacks sufficient cooling power
  • Your cooling costs are too high

If you still can’t choose, give Infinity Air Solutions Inc. a call to speak with an air conditioner replacement expert in Hoover who can offer information and suggestions to help you make the right choice.

No matter what you decide, we are always here to help remedy your AC problems with efficient and affordable service.

What Are the Benefits of Professional AC Installation?

With so many DIY videos available on the internet these days, many homeowners wonder if they should try to handle their AC installation on their own. Unfortunately, numerous individuals have found out the hard way that installing an AC is a lot more challenging than it seems.

Air conditioners are complex machines that need to be installed correctly to ensure proper function and maximum longevity. Making just one mistake could end up costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs or lead to premature replacement.

When you choose Infinity Air Solutions Inc. for new AC installation in Hoover, AL, you can have peace of mind knowing the job will be done right.

Some of the benefits of our professional AC installation services include:

  • We know the right type and size of AC system your home needs to keep you cool and comfortable in the summer months
  • Our team can install your new AC following all local and state code to ensure your safety
  • Our new AC systems come equipped with modern features that you can customize to your liking
  • Our new AC installations are backed by the manufacturer's warranty in addition to our very own customer satisfaction guarantee

Let Us Help You Select Your New AC Unit

Picking out the right air conditioning system can be agonizing for homeowners who are unfamiliar with all the cooling options available. Things like proper sizing and energy efficiency are important factors to consider when making a purchase. Today’s modern AC systems are loaded with elaborate features that can make the purchase decision even more overwhelming.

Working with a trustworthy air conditioning contractor in Hoover is critical in order to get the right product, the right size, and the right features. The team at Infinity Air Solutions Inc. can advise you and offer suggestions to make the process easier, not only on you but also on your wallet. You can’t go wrong when you call us for help in choosing the right AC system for your home.

Call (205) 291-4869 for high-quality AC replacements in Hoover. Your comfort is our top priority!

What to Expect from Infinity Air Solutions

  • Trusted Technicians

    It’s important you know you can trust the person working in your home. Our technicians are background checked and drug tested for your safety!

  • Prompt & Professional

    Your time is valuable and we respect that! Put your mind at ease knowing we’ll arrive promptly at your door as scheduled so you won’t be left waiting for service.

  • Available 24/7

    When a heating or cooling issue strikes at midnight, we’ll be there to answer your call. That’s how committed we are to your safety and comfort.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Our flat-rate pricing structure means you always know what the cost of your service will be before we begin any work. No surprises!