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Evaporator Coil Repair in Hoover

Cleaning, Repair & Replacement for All Types of HVAC Systems

Evaporator coils are components inside your HVAC that heat or cool the air in your house. The coils are located inside the air handler, which is what distributes conditioned air throughout the house. When one of these coils leaks refrigerant, also called Freon, your AC system will slow down and run poorly.

If you think one of the coils in your AC is leaking Freon, you should contact a knowledgeable air conditioning company to check it out. Call Infinity Air Solutions Inc. for prompt evaporator coil repair in Hoover. Our technicians are the best in the city so you need not worry about the quality of our work. We can take care of your coil problem so you never have to worry about leakage again.

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Evaporator Coil Cleaning, Repair & Replacement

Evaporator coils need to be kept clean to operate properly and reach optimal energy efficiency. Dirty coils will run into issues, such as:

  • Higher energy bills
  • Higher temps & pressure
  • Poor heat absorption & cooling capacity
  • Ice & Frost buildup

Don’t let a dirty coil in your HVAC block the proper airflow and potentially cause the coils to freeze. If this happens, call Infinity Air Solutions Inc. and one of our technicians will skillfully repair or replace your damaged coil. We are a licensed and insured HVAC company with more than 30 years of serving the community. You can count on us to do the job right, the first time.

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Minimizing Damage from Evaporator Coil Leaks Just Got Easier

System damage resulting from refrigerant leaks can be mitigated simply by keeping the evaporator coils clean and having them checked often. Having an HVAC maintenance plan with a reputable contractor can ensure that all parts inside your HVAC, including the evaporator coils, are clean and ready for another year of top performance.

Letting your AC unit run without the right amount of refrigerant could degrade the compressor, and result in long-term harm to your HVAC system. Call Infinity Air Solutions Inc. if you experience any problem with coils and refrigerant leaks.

Infinity Air Solutions Inc. offers Hoover AC evaporator coil cleaning, repair, and replacement by licensed technicians. Call (205) 291-4869 for 24-hour emergency service and honest prices.

What to Expect from Infinity Air Solutions

  • Trusted Technicians

    It’s important you know you can trust the person working in your home. Our technicians are background checked and drug tested for your safety!

  • Prompt & Professional

    Your time is valuable and we respect that! Put your mind at ease knowing we’ll arrive promptly at your door as scheduled so you won’t be left waiting for service.

  • Available 24/7

    When a heating or cooling issue strikes at midnight, we’ll be there to answer your call. That’s how committed we are to your safety and comfort.

  • Transparent Pricing

    Our flat-rate pricing structure means you always know what the cost of your service will be before we begin any work. No surprises!