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The next time you need to replace your storage tank water heater, consider making the switch to tankless. There are so many benefits to tankless, also called instant and “on-demand,” water heaters. These devices heat up your water instantly, or on-demand when you need hot water. There is no huge water storage tank sitting around so there is never a leaking concern. Additionally, you will have more space in your basement or closet where the water tank used to be.

Infinity Air Solutions has been providing reliable tankless water heater installation in Hoover for over a decade. We carry top-of-the-line on-demand water heaters from well-known manufacturers. Our technicians receive advanced training in repairs and installation, so you can be sure we will do the job right. Give us a call to discuss if an instant water heater is right for your household.

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What Is a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters are just that- water heaters without the tank. They offer hot water only when it is needed. Unlike traditional water heaters, these devices do not store hot water. They switch on the moment you turn the hot water faucet.

On-demand heaters also eliminate the need for a water storage tank inside the home, removing any possibility of water leaks in the home. They are great for use in hot tubs and detached bathrooms.

Pros & Cons Going Tankless

One of the most important advantages of demand water heaters is saving up to 50% in energy costs by bypassing the standby heat losses common with traditional storage water heaters. On-demand water heaters typically last much longer than regular devices, possibly more than 20 years. Finally, if you do require service on your unit, the parts are generally very easy to replace.

There are very few drawbacks to these water heaters. They will generally cost more upfront and installation can be expensive, particularly if you live in an older home. In addition, they may have a hard time keeping up with simultaneous hot water use, such as showering and washing dishes at the same time. If you have a big family, this could be a problem.

When you call Infinity Air Solutions Inc. for instant water heater service, you can be sure we will install the right water heater for your home, be it traditional or tankless. Call us now to find out if a tankless water heater is right for you.

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Why Proper Installation Is Critical

When installing an instant water heater, some things to consider: your electrical system may need to be updated, and safety concerns and regional mandates that must be followed. That is why it is important to hire a licensed and insured contractor for the job.

Working with the right contractor to install your on-demand water heater safely and properly is critical. Call us today to work with the most trusted name in water heater installation and repairs. Call us today to discuss if an instant water heater is right for your home.

Infinity Air Solutions proudly offers Hoover tankless water heaters installation and repair, and on-demand water heaters. Call us at (205) 291-4869 for emergency service by licensed technicians and straightforward prices.

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