Dehumidifier Services in Hoover

For high-quality dehumidifier solutions, call the indoor humidity experts in Hoover!

When humidity levels inside the home rise to an uncomfortable and unsafe level, a dehumidifier is often the solution. The two most common types of are whole-home and portable options. The whole-house version works together with your HVAC system. Portable ones are intended to provide single room comfort only.

Infinity Air Solutions in Hoover, AL offers residents quality dehumidifier services. We have been repairing and installing dehumidifiers for more than ten years, so you can be sure to get your money’s worth. Our installers are licensed and insured in Alabama, and receive continuous training in moisture control procedures and other alternatives.

If the humidity level in your home is too high, or if your current dehumidifier is not working, call Infinity Air Solutions. We offer prompt 24-hour emergency service, certified technicians and transparent pricing.

To boost the humidity inside the home, consider a humidifier installation by Infinity Air Solutions!

Dehumidifier Installation Experts

At Infinity Air Solutions, we have been serving residents with trusted AC dehumidifier installations for over a decade. Give us a call and we will send a humidity expert to your home to talk about the various options available for your household. Our dehumidifiers are installed by authorized technicians who will show you how your new dehumidifier works.

You will notice the difference after we install your AC dehumidifier. To keep your system running smoothly, we recommend an HVAC maintenance plan so you can enjoy trouble-free performance all year long.

Hoover AC Dehumidifier Repair

Excessive noise, leaking water or a broken fan are just a few of the more common repair issues found in dehumidifiers. If you have one, but there is still too much moisture in your home, give Infinity Air Solutions a call. We will arrive at your door within minutes to check your HVAC system and your dehumidifier.

All of our dehumidifier repairs are done by licensed professionals who have received the highest training in humidity control. If your current system isn’t working right, it may only require cleaning. Call our pros for quality dehumidifier repair you can count on.

Add a UV air sanitizer to your HVAC system for a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Benefits of Adding a Dehumidifier to Your Home

Every time someone opens a door or window in your home, moisture enters. Humidity can also sneak in through cracks in the floors and walls. A dehumidifier can neutralize humidity levels inside and provide other benefits as well, such as:

  • Remove allergens in the air
  • Reduce allergies and respiratory problems
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors
  • Decrease corrosion on appliances & electronics
  • Lower energy costs
  • Quiet performance

Call Infinity Air Solutions for quality dehumidifier installations and repairs. You notice the difference in the air the moment you turn on your new dehumidifier.

For quality dehumidifier installation and repair, call Infinity Air Solutions in Hoover, AL at 205-243-4775. We offer humidity control services with 24-hour emergency service, certified HVAC technicians and honest pricing.